How do I create Nominees?

Nominees can only be created once you have subscribed to Biscuit Tin as there’s no point involving and informing others until you are sure having a Biscuit Tin is the right thing for you. Nominees are the people you trust to share the details of your Biscuit Tin. Your Nominees will eventually become the ‘Executors’ of your Biscuit Tin in the event of your death, so please make sure they are happy to perform this role. The Executors of your Biscuit Tin (your Nominees) are the people who will follow your wishes to tie up all the threads of your life. You only need one or two friends or family members, or you can also nominate a Solicitor if you prefer. An email will be sent to each Nominee you set up inviting them to be your Nominee. They will need to accept your invitation and create their own Biscuit Tin login. They will only be able to see the details you want to share with them initially and they will need to report and verify your death to eventually see all the details of your Biscuit Tin.