How does the free trial work?

During the free trial, you can do almost everything except create Nominees as there’s no point involving and informing others until you are sure having a Biscuit Tin is the right thing for you. As security for your Biscuit Tin is really important, you will need to authenticate your details. We need you to verify your email address via the link we send you on registration. When you would like to add information to your Biscuit Tin we will also ask you to verify your mobile number. If you want to get going with the complete Biscuit Tin service straight away, you can sign up at any time before the free trial ends. If you haven’t signed up before the free trial ends, you will be asked to sign up and subscribe at that point. If you don’t wish to subscribe when the trial period ends, anything you have stored during this period will be deleted in accordance with our Privacy Policy.