What happens when I die?

Each of the Nominees you invited will have a login to access your Biscuit Tin. One of the Nominees needs to inform Biscuit Tin of your death. They can do this by logging in and uploading a digital copy of your Death Certificate. Our Biscuit Tin team will then authenticate your Death Certificate and verify your death within 24 hours. On verification, we will then grant permission to your Nominees to access all of the data you have stored in your Biscuit Tin. This data and every decision you have made in advance will provide valuable guidance and direction to your Nominees, saving them unnecessary hassle and stress at a time of their mourning. You will have made a real difference to them by making it easy to follow your wishes and close down your affairs. Your login to your Biscuit Tin will be blocked as soon as your death is verified. Only your Nominees will be able to access what you have stored and they cannot change anything. Your Biscuit Tin data will be accessible to your Nominees for up to 180 days after your death providing plenty of time to tie up your affairs. They can also download your data for their records. After 180 days your Biscuit Tin is archived and locked in our Vaults for a further 180 days as protection for you and your Nominees should any legal disputes arise. After that everything is deleted in full.